Buy Your Dog Treats and Help LABMED!

July 3, 2015

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Lucy, given a second chance by LABMED

April 11, 2010

Lucy, recovering from a gun shot wound in 2008

The victim of a gunshot wound to her back, Lucy13 found her way late at night to the shed of a very kind couple. Already involved in rescuing homeless dogs, they didn’t hesitate to respond when they realized that the softball-size wound that extended down to the bone in Lucy’s back would require immediate care at the emergency clinic. With her wound cleaned and stapled, Lucy continued to receive care and the necessary changes to her dressing at another veterinary practice.

Despite the violent nature of her injury, this young dog remains very
loving and trusting. Her rescuers even went the extra mile and had Lucy spayed. While the $400 they requested from LABMED amounted to only a third of the veterinary charges for Lucy, we hope it will help keep their door open to the next pup in need.

Lucy in her new home.

In the meantime, the latest update on Lucy a year later was that Lucy found a permanent home with her rescuers, who had never owned a Lab but fell in love with her. They sent updated photos and wrote: “She is a wonderful dog and we thank you again for your support and all your help.”

Jett has a new home!

March 23, 2010

Jett was a dog that LABMED funded in late January, 2010. She wandered up to an older couple’s ranchette during frigid weather, hungry and cold. The couple took her to a vet where they scanned her for a microchip. As no chip was found they called the Almost Home rescue group who took her in. When Jett arrived they noticed she was having problems with one of her legs. The vet xrayed her during her spay and found her pelvis and right hip were broken. She had an old trauma from probably being hit by a car. At that point they applied to LABMED for assistance funding the needed surgery on Jett’s leg.

We recently received this note from her applicant along with photos:
“Jett has gone to live with a wonderful family in Fair Oaks Ranch, just minutes from her foster mom. Here are her pictures with her new “mom” who adopted her today. Everyone, especially Jett, is very happy about this arrangement. She has made a good recovery and will continue to get better as time goes by. Her new family is able to handle any future medical needs she may have so that puts my mind at ease. I wanted to thank you and your wonderful organization for the help you provided at a critical moment in Jett’s life. We will never forget your kind and prompt response. Thank you again for all you do.”
LABMED is pleased we were able to help give Jett a second chance.

Jett with her adopter

Happy Jett

Marie Success Story

February 7, 2010

We were sent this update this winter about Marie who was funded in late 2009 for treatment for a fractured femur:
“Marie is doing great–still needs crate rest which she barely tolerates–but she’ll be running like the wind in no time–with the help of LABMED!”