Pedigree Grants

In 2010 LABMED funded these dogs using a grant we received from the Pedigree Foundation in late 2009.
Charlie5 — $500 and Dasher — $156.53 towards total funding of $1,000.

In 2009 LABMED received a generous grant from the Pedigree Foundation.
That grant enabled us to fund these dogs in 2009:
*LABMED Funded Seven Dogs with a Pedigree Grant
LABMED sincerely thanks the Pedigree Foundation for providing us with a grant that enabled us to fund the following dogs in 2009:

Gunner – $123.91
Ellie6 – $500
Maggie8 – $200
Brady2 – $400
Morty – $300
Opal – $200
Buddy42 – $16.89 towards total funding of $200


2 Responses to Pedigree Grants

  1. Keith gregory says:

    Please provide more info where i can get help with my 10 year old Mack.he was fine two months ago and i had him neutered at the adviceof his vet.well they destoyed his spine,neck, and legs. i am a mess.he can bare move. Thank you, Keith and Mackie-B.

    • help4labs says:

      Keith: We are sorry to hear about Mack. How upsetting to have something like that happen. We are not vets so cannot give you any medical advice but hope to hear he recovers.

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