Some of the Dogs Funded By LABMED

Some Dogs assisted by LABMED in 2013

LABMED funded 42 dogs in 2013 spending a total of $ 14,620.95 for grants for vet care for these dogs. LABMED board members are not paid and we have no overhead so every penny donated goes to the dogs.

49 applications were funded for a total of $ 17,564 in 2012

LABMED funded $ 12,399 in 2011 to assist Labs/Lab mixes in rescue situations.

In 2010 LABMED funded 55 applications for a total of $ 19,800.

LABMED was able to help 57 Labs in need in 2009:
Gunner2 – fractured leg repair

Brandy2 – fracture repair
Morty – ACL repair both legs
Ellie6 – ACL repair

Toby2 — hit by a car, fracture repaired Buddy42 — Addison’s disease
Opal — patella surgery
Starbucks — fracture repair, heartworm treatment

Lucky17 — tumor removal
Ike2 — treated for heartworm
Denali — amputation
Thunder — hit by a car
Colie — treated for heartworm
Lily3 — pelvis fracture and luxating rear leg

Moses — heartworm treatment
Koda — lump removal
Ozzie2 — FHO (hip) surgery
Temple — heartworm treatment/fracture repair

Wonder eye surgery
Phoenix fracture repair
McKenna fracture repair
Marley Heartworm Treatment

Mellow Heartworm treatment
Kiowa Heartworm treatment
Noel Liver shunt
Rori & Laci vomiting
Tigger hip dysplasia

Two Socks pneumonia
Madison Heartworm treatment

Reba Heartworm treatment
Doc Heartworm treatment
Charlie fractured front legs
Maggie Heartworm treatment
Poppy Mocha pneumonia treatment
Delilah Heartworm treatment

Naida entropion repair
Marie fractured femur
OC foreign body
Jasmine Heartworm Treatment
Brody laceration repair
Cassidy laceration repair

Madison ACL repair
Embry Heartworm treatment
Victory Heartworm treatment
Malcolm mast cell tumor removal
Kentucky 6 pups – Parvo treatment
Ozzie Femoral Head Ostectomy

Butterball Fractured legs
Hershey treatment of leg deformity
Sadie treatment -hit by car
Hailey leg amputation
Cole – treatment for paralysis

Dogs Funded in January, 2008
Shakespeare — surgery to repair broken rear leg
Hannah 3 — episioplasty (surgery to prevent recurring urinary tract infections)
Freeway — Hit by car — broken leg, dislocated hip
Maya — Heartworm positive

Rylee, 1000th Dog Funded by LABMED!

Dogs Funded in February, 2008 (we funded 15 dogs for $6,225!)
Faye — Heartworm positive
Conner 2 — found with severely injured leg (foot missing) — surgery to amputate leg
Libby 4 — supportive care for bowel obstruction
Noah — Heartworm positive
Jake 16 — surgery to repair broken leg and misaligned patella

Rylee — Heartworm positive, 1,000th Dog Funded by LABMED!! Rylee is a handsome one-year-old
male chocolate Lab found as a stray in Ohio suffering from heartworm
disease. LABMED provided the funding for his treatment and
Rylee made a full recovery.

Five Twenty — surgery for leg injury
Sam 9 — Persistent Right Aortic Arch (PRAA)
Morrison — missing limb and wounds, surgical treatment
Sammy No — hit by car, surgery for broken legs
Onyx — treatment for parvo virus
Matilda — surgery for dislocated knee
Stella — surgery for fractured femur
Bubbles — Heartworm positive
Miles — treatment for meningitis

Dogs Funded in March
Joey3 — surgery to amputate part of injured tail
Ben Franklin — severe leg infection

Dogs Funded in April
We funded nine dogs for a combined total of $4,050!
Harley6 — heartworm treatment
Max17 — hip surgery
Preston2 — heartworm treatment
Honeybee — hit by a car, orthopedic surgery
Travis2 — cruciate ligament surgery
Lucy12 — heartworm treatment
Rupert — kennel cough and hip surgery
Nelson — dehydration
Zack — hit by car, collapsed lungs

May Funded Dogs
Lucy13 – Gunshot wound
Dot – FHO
Sadie14 – liver shunt repair
Wags – broken leg (HBC)
Lucky16 – abandoned, imbedded collar, gunshot wound
Nelson2 – xray
Kodiak – worm infestation, viral infection
Misty Rose – multiple tumor removal

In June LABMED funded 11 dogs for a total of $4,237.19.
Conner: eye injury
Knickers: blastomycosis
Ace: severe leg wound and bone infection
King: parvo
Pipsqueak: neglected puppy
Molly: broken leg
Mavis: severe leg injury
Dexter: pneumonia and heartworm, neglect
Faith: severe leg injury
Quincy: infections, lipomas, neglect
Sweetie: severe neglect.

Dogs Funded July 2008
In July, we funded 8 dogs for a total of $3,175.
Brody – Heartworm
Newt – Rear leg amputation (injury probably due to trap)
Millie – Heartworm
Charlie Bear – Heartworm
Mikey – Heartworm
Gracie – Heartworm
Dutchess – Surgery to repair hole in heart (Patent Ductus Arteriosus)
Dozer – Liver Shunt

Dogs Funded August, for a total of $1,950:
Lilly – deformed leg required surgery and external fixator to straighten
Betsy – skin ulcerations requiring surgery
Allison – femoral head osteotomy after being
hit by a car and left at shelter by former owners
Luke – abused puppy requiring surgical repair of torn ligaments in both knees
BigBoy – heartworm

Dogs Funded September, for a total of $4,783:
Sadie – heartworm
July – amputate broken leg
Charcoal – surgical repair of jaw and eye removal due to gunshot to face
Carter – diagnostics and preliminary treatment for bulging disks
Myah – bilateral eye removal due to blindness
Phoenix – entropian surgery
Molly – eye infection
T-Bo – broken leg
Sam – heartworm
Bear – heartworm
Lil Girl – amputate broken leg
Galaxy and Gracie – skin infection and heartworm
Sanabel – heartworm
Nelson – femoral head osteotomy (hip repair) and heartworm

Dogs Funded October for a total of $1050:
Ole Yeller – broken leg
Rocco4 – heartworm positive
MoMo – skin problems
Annie4 – heartworm positive
Kate – heartworm positive

Dogs Funded November for a total of $1030:
Lila Mae – removal of mass
Ginger – heartworm positive
Daisy Mae – heartworm positive
Roman – hit by car, broken leg
Mandy5 – heartworm positive


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  1. bidou says:

    Hi there,

    This is a message for the webmaster/admin here at

    May I use some of the information from this blog post above if I give a backlink back to this website?


  2. Media with no limits says:

    Very Interesting what you have going on .

  3. Thanks so much for doing this! I miss seeing all the Lab peeps at the shows. I no longer have Labradors, and miss showing them, and visiting with the Lab show people. I do wish you’d update the site and blog more often so I can keep up to date with Labmed. Should you ever need help that way, let me know. I will be graduating from college in Dec. with an AS in Graphic Media Design, and anything to add to my portfolio is a plus. The biggest plus, though, is helping the Labs! Keep up the great work!

    • help4labs says:

      Thanks, Candee. Sorry to hear you don’t have any Labs to love right now. Hopefully in the future…..
      We might be able to use some help — I will mention this to our Board.
      Deb H.

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