Be LABMED’s Valentine!

February 2, 2014

Dogs assisted by LABMED

Will you be LABMED’s Valentine? When you are sending out your valentines this year we would love for you to add LABMED to your list and consider enclosing $1.00 (of course more is welcome, too) in your envelope to help us help the Labs. Send your valentine to us at:
3941 Legacy Drive, Suite 204, #A115
Plano, TX 75023

Address your envelope now before you forget! If each of our supporters sent even $1.00 we can help many more Labs in rescue situations become healthy and ready for adoption this year.
Thank you from Truffles, Godiva and Cody for your support!

PS — we also accept donations on line at


Labs Funded in 2012

January 19, 2013

In 2012 LABMED funded 49 dogs for a total of $17,564 in grants. We would love to be able to fund higher amounts to Labs/Lab mixes in need but donations have been down.

LABMED has seen a number of new applications in the last week or two, including one for “Black Bear.” Bear has one of the most terrible injuries we’ve ever seen. You see, his jaw was shattered by a gunshot and the photos of the injury are truly horrifying. We received this update on Black Bear this week:

Black Bear is a fighter. He made it through the extensive surgery performed at AETC of Grayslake and is resting as comfortably as he can be after going through such a trauma and surgery. [He] is on heavy duty pain medication that is keeping him sedated. Black Bear is breathing well and they will start him on a feeding tube sometime tonight. The gun shot inflicted a lot of trauma to the tissue and bone of his lower jaw and the damage is pretty extensive. There was exposed bone and that is a concern for infection. They have him on a powerful, broad spectrum antibiotic to help keep infection under control……The left side of his lower jaw is no longer there, it was blown off by the bullet. The surgeon removed the remaining pieces and fragments of the bone, essentially sawing down the middle of his jaw, removing and cleaning up the bone along with the badly damaged tissue.


Black Bear’s injuries were not just extensive on the orthopedic side, but there are other issues going on as well. Black Bear’s tongue was lacerated and repaired during the surgery. Both of the ducts that were under his tongue for the salivary glands were blown off as well. The surgeon had to open up new ducts. [He] is going to be pretty swollen and painful for a while.
This is going to be a steep hill to climb but barring any major infection, he has a good prognosis to lead a long healthy life.

Please consider a donation to LABMED today to help us help Black Bear and other dogs like him. While we don’t earmark funds for any particular dog, you can be sure that your donation will always help one of the many dogs we fund each year.