Love LABors flyer

November 15, 2010

Our newest fundraiser starts on Nov. 15th and goes for one week only.

LABMED's Love LABors Fund Raiser


More shopping fun with LABMED

November 15, 2010

LABMED’s Pampered Chef fund raiser has been extended until 11/20, so get your orders in now at .

Nov. 15 also marks the start of a new venture, LABMED’s Love LABors fund raiser! Love LABors is a new company recently begun by two sisters who want to spread the message of kindness and doing good. Love LABor’s original designs and products feature both Lab designs (check out the “kindness is my bling” tee shirt*) and “dogless” designs, so there’s something for everyone. All products come with “kindness beads” which can be collected and attached to a key ring or even strung onto a necklace or bracelet. They are generously donating 25% of sales to LABMED. To make sure we get credit, enter LABMED 1117 at checkout. Visit and get started on holiday gift ideas. Don’t delay–this fund raiser runs for one week only!

*Please note that the tees are “fashion fit” and hug the body closely. If you prefer a looser fit, Love LABors suggests you order a size larger than normal.

46 More Labradors Helped

November 13, 2010

1176 Labs have been helped by LABMED since we were founded. So far this year (as of October 31st) LABMED has funded 46 Labs in need for a total of $16,400 in funding. We have had to cut back the amount that we grant to each dog due to receiving far less donations over the last few years. In order to keep “our doors open” to receiving applications we depend on our supporters for donations or to support our fundraisers. We have no overhead as none of us take any compensation so ALL the money goes to the Labradors needing our help.
Funded in July
Saint — multiple fractures
Carolina — treated for heartworm
Marley3 — leg amputation
Jackson7 — fractured leg
Barnaby2 — bladder stones
Honey7 — treated for heartworm and entropian
Bella Smith — pneumonia
Miss Molly Brown — tumor removal
Bella4 — ACL surgery
Sugar3 — heartworm treatment
Daisy5 — heartworm treatment
Tigger2 — fractured femur
Guy — heartworm treatment
Belly — fractured leg
Tug2 — FHO
Cookie — tumor removal
Cisco — tumor removal

Besides these dogs that we have already helped, we have about 15 applications in front of us right now so you can see why we need YOUR help so we can keep helping the Labs.


November 11, 2010

Here is a report on a dog that we funded 6 years ago.

Willie swimming

It’s been a long time. I am the owner of Willie2 who was funded back in 2004. She came to me with Parvo and a pellet lodged in her side (already healed so didn’t know). She is almost 7 now. She has gone completely blind from retinal degeneration, has had partial psychomotor seizures for the last few years and about 6 months ago was diagnosed with fanconi’s disorder. It is possible she got that from the pellet metal that she was shot with prior to my meeting her but we don’t know for sure. The pellet was removed and she is progressing on her treatment for fanconi’s. It is possible she’ll recover, also possible she will be on daily supplements as well as phenobarb for the rest of her life.

Regardless, my dog Willie is truly a survivor. She runs on 4 treed acres daily and dives into the pond without fear. She only has trouble if I move something! Every now and then I just feel the need to say thank you again for helping us when we needed it. Dianne Ries

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

November 10, 2010

Now through November 15th you can purchase some great products for your kitchen through Pampered Chef while also supporting LABMED. Do some early Christmas shopping and help Labs in need at the same time! Just follow this link to our Pampered Chef consultant’s web site and your purchase will be credited towards LABMED’s fundraiser.

LABMED’s Pampered Chef Fundraiser

Do it today — remember you only have until midnight on November 15th to shop and help the Labs!