2010 Quilt Sneak Preview

April 27, 2010

This year's Raffle Quilt

LABMED is raffling this one-of-a-kind quilt to raise funds that will help us help more dogs. Our ticket sales page is not ready yet, but we thought you’d enjoy a “sneak preview” of this beautiful quilt. The photo does not do it justice as you can’t see all the wonderful detail–the embroidered Dragonflies, the jewel-like colors, the beautiful quilting–but maybe you can get just a little idea of how nice this quilt is. Keep checking back here frequently for the Web page opening announcement.


Lucy, given a second chance by LABMED

April 11, 2010

Lucy, recovering from a gun shot wound in 2008

The victim of a gunshot wound to her back, Lucy13 found her way late at night to the shed of a very kind couple. Already involved in rescuing homeless dogs, they didn’t hesitate to respond when they realized that the softball-size wound that extended down to the bone in Lucy’s back would require immediate care at the emergency clinic. With her wound cleaned and stapled, Lucy continued to receive care and the necessary changes to her dressing at another veterinary practice.

Despite the violent nature of her injury, this young dog remains very
loving and trusting. Her rescuers even went the extra mile and had Lucy spayed. While the $400 they requested from LABMED amounted to only a third of the veterinary charges for Lucy, we hope it will help keep their door open to the next pup in need.

Lucy in her new home.

In the meantime, the latest update on Lucy a year later was that Lucy found a permanent home with her rescuers, who had never owned a Lab but fell in love with her. They sent updated photos and wrote: “She is a wonderful dog and we thank you again for your support and all your help.”

Get our toolbar

April 1, 2010

For some time LABMED has been assoicated with GoodSearch.com where you can make a donaiton to your favorite charity simply by searching the Web (charities get approximately a penny a search) and it costs you nothing. At the same site, GoodShop offeres a percentage to your chosen charity every time you shop using the site. Now there’s another way to do bothmore easily. Go to goodsearch.com, enter LABMED as your charity, then download the custom LABMED toolbar. It’ll be right there at the top of your browser, making searches faster than ever. Also, if you bring up an affiliated merchant, a window will automatically display telling you what percentage of your sale will be donated.

So, give it a try. Go to GoodSearch and pick LABMED, then try a search or two. Then download our toolbar. You’ll be donating to an organization that has helped more than 1100 abandoned Labs have a second chance at life.